Yoga, Pilates and More Classes at Boom Fitness NYC

Group fitness at Boom is designed to fit all of our members needs. Not only are classes free for all members, but we also offer everything from cardio classes and tone classes to mind and body classes ranging from high to low intensities. All group fitness classes are taught by some of the best certified instructors NYC has to offer and are available to be taken advantage of on an everyday basis. Please see below for Boom’s group fitness class descriptions and a printable group fitness schedule for the Murray Hill and Upper East Side locations.

Cardio Classes:

CARDIO-KICKBOXING - Pro kick boxers take you through an awesome cardio workout that challenges your entire body with a routine that will leave you breathless.

SPINNING – A high intensity 60 minute workout using specially designed stationary bikes that create a virtual outdoor biking experience.

STEP - A low impact workout designed for both cardiovascular and muscle training. Choreography style vary according to the instructor; simple, athletic or dance.

HIP-HOP - Learn modern urban street dance from instructors who teach your favorite video stars.

URBAN REBOUNDING/DRILLS – Program is a safe, effective style of aerobics that provides a surprisingly challenging cardiovascular workout without excess stress on the heart, muscles and joints. Taught entirely on a unique spring-enhanced device, this type of exercise allows the body to work harder, for a longer period of time, because the body is not absorbing the shock.

CARDIO BLAST – A dynamic, vigorous, high-energy cardio workout developed to tone and tighten your entire body. This high-impact class incorporates intervals of intense cardio with floor and step routines that will blast you into shape.

Tone Classes:

PILATES – Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, Integrated Movement Exercise focuses on strength, coordination, muscle elongation and stamina.

A CUT ABOVE – 30 minute core class with a strong focus on the abs, obliques and lower back.

60 SECOND SOLUTION – A class formulated by Joe Duffy, Boom’s program director, that uses 60 second intervals to whip you into shape. Intervals include kickboxing, core balance, the step and weights for intense toning and fat burn.

RIPPED – This traditional body sculpting class includes exercises for all major muscle groups emphasizing conditioning, form and posture.

TOTAL BODY COMBAT – Body shaping with an emphasis on hand and eye coordination.

BOOM CORE CIRCUT – A class based on the notion that all strength comes from the core of your body. Use of the body ball plus other circuit techniques are used.

PHYSICAL EDU – Fat-burning and body sculpting class emphasizing high intensity interval training along with innovative hi/lo impact moves for a lean and strong healthy body.

Mind and Body:

ASHTANGA YOGA – Participants move through a series of flows, jumping from one posture to another to build strength, flexibility and stamina. This form of yoga is meant for a more advanced yoga student.

THAI CHI – Tones the muscles, strengthens the legs, opens up the bodies energy channels and stimulates the internal system.

VINYASA YOGA – Move through a yoga sequence that emphasizes the importance of breathing and posture.

POWER FLOW YOGA – A form of yoga with an accelerated succession of yoga body postures.

YOGA DRILLS – Not your grandma’s yoga: Yoga Drills combines the intensity of a cardio calisthenics class with traditional yoga poses creating a stronger, leaner and more flexible you. Grab a complimentary towel and be prepared to work.

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