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Welcome to Pilates at Boom Fitness where you’ll find exemplary teaching methods from our group of certified pilates instructors. Tone and strengthen your body with our traditional pilates, power pilates and pilates mat group fitness classes as well as private, duet and trio sessions!

This segment of pilates on the Boom Fitness blog is here to inform you about our Pilates Mat Group Fitness Class and one of the instructors, Joanna Sienkiewicz who boast a life dedicated to her passion for dance and fitness, specifically pilates!

Whether you’re just embarking on a new pilates regimen or are looking for something a little bit more advanced, Joanna’s pilates mat class will suit all of your fitness needs! Find out more about Joanna below in her exclusive interview with Boom Fitness and be sure to check out her Pilates Mat Group Fitness class on Friday’s at 9:15 AM at Boom Fitness’ 81st Street location.

Interested in other forms of pilates? Take a look at our group fitness schedule for the Murray Hill and Upper East Side locations here and stay tuned for our next post on Pilates NYC at Boom Fitness!

Boom Fitness: Are you a certified instructor? If so, what certificates/training have you received?

Joanna Sienkiewicz: Yes, I am a certified Pilates Instructor from Linda Farrell’s Lindafit Pilates Certification Program.

BF: What pieces of pilates equipment are you qualified to teach?

JS: I have a Pilates Mat Certification. In addition, I am trained in using the magic circle, and the resistance band to enhance the pilates exercises. I am interested in obtaining a Reformer Certification as well because it is an amazing piece of equipment that is very beneficial. The reformer is a piece of equipment that enhances your pilates practice and takes you to another level. In the near future I will go through a Reformer Certification Program so I may incorporate that into my practice.

BF: What inspired you to become a Pilates instructor?

JS: As a dancer, I’ve always enjoyed Pilates and I also love teaching. Having this skill is very rewarding; you are able to help people reach their goals and I believe that is inspiring.

BF: What is your exercise philosophy or specialty?

JS: I always say pursue excellence for a healthy lifestyle!

BF: What is your background in the health and fitness industry?

JS: I have always believed that health and fitness need to work together. I am knowledgeable on organic and vegan health lifestyles. I am a dancer and found that pilates is so vital for dance and every part of life no matter what one does.

I have been certified as a pilates instructor for 4 months — I am a dancer and have danced since the age of 5. I have been a part of many productions and little companies throughout my career such as Metropolitan Opera Company, Iowa Dance Theater, Ballet Des Moines, Joffrey Trainee Program, Brooklyn Repertory Opera Company, and Apalonia Production Company of New York. As a dancer I have always done pilates and felt it has been vital for my dancing career. I am very happy to be teaching pilates and now I am able to pass on the knowledge to other people and help them achieve their goals.

BF: What is your teaching style?

JS: My teaching style is to focus on understanding the important details of the exercises and properly executing them for the best benefits of any body type. Don’t forget you can have fun while doing pilates!

BF: Who and/or what have been the biggest influences on the development of your Pilates style as you have evolved it?

JS: Linda Farrell is a wonderful influence to the world of pilates. One learns the foundation and fun ways to keep classes exciting from her. Also, one learns so much by teaching. The opportunities to teach are very beneficial.

BF: What are the benefits of Pilates, how does Pilates fit into an overall fitness regimen and how does it complement other types of exercises?

JS: The benefits of pilates are building strength, flexibility, mind/body awareness, and health. Pilates is vital to any sport or anybody that wants to feel healthy. Pilates is wonderful for prevention of injury, rehab of an injury or to complement anything one does throughout their day.

BF: If you could launch beginner students into their Pilates training with one main insight about Pilates, what would it be?

JS: In all walks of life, we use stability and mobility that comes from our core. Pilates teaches one how to use the muscles and breath correctly to enhance our strength and flexibility.

BF: What is you experience with injuries?

JS: As a dancer, I have become familiar with different types of injuries. I have learned how to prevent them, how to deal with a present injury and how to recover from them.

BF: Please provide a description for your Pilates Mat group fitness class.

JS: This Pilates class is for everyone beginner to advanced and focuses on improving strength, flexibility, and overall health. In this class one benefits from the exercises using the breath in coordination with the movements. One will receive the knowledge and understanding of their own body while improving on strength, flexibility, and range of motion while having fun too!

BF: Do you offer private pilate sessions?

JS: Yes, I offer private, duet, and trio sessions. I offer Pilates Mat, Resistance Band, and the Magic Circle. The session is designed for you and your needs and goals.

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  • Hyla B.:

    Just took a Sunday morning Pilates class and it was awesome!!! Instructor was great, really helpful and obviously experienced. It was my first time and she helped me through the moves and paid a lot of attention to everyone in the class. I am now an official Pilates convert!
    I’ve been a member of Boom for years, it is convenient and clean – in the mornings I can almost always get a eliptical machine right away. Everyone is very cheerful and friendly too. Highly recommended!

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