Spinning Classes Murray Hill & Upper East Side NYC

It’s easy to see by now that Boom Fitness offers an extraordinary range of fitness opportunities to keep you motivated and looking your best all year round. Need to be filled in? Check out our Group Fitness Class description post. What ever it is you’re looking to achieve, we have a reliable method!

Ever thought about taking up spinning classes? We offer several per week and you’ll be sure to notice a drastic change in your fitness. Toned arms and legs as well as extra stamina to keep you on the fast track at work during the day makes this vigorous class most definitely worth your time. Stop by today or print out a schedule for our Murray Hill or Upper East Side locations to find out what spinning class works best for you!

Meet instructors like Jessica Fink who says, when it comes to spinning, that, “It’s not just the workout, it’s also the journey. While students are in my class I want them to enjoy themselves. They should be working hard to the best of their ability but they should also enjoy their time. With a relaxed environment and fun music (Top 40, Pop, Alternative), students come back week after week. I love having new or first time students in my class and watching them get “hooked” to spin.”

Already one of those people who are deeply entrenched into the world of spinning and find it to be your new addiction? Not a problem! All of our classes are designed to fit all skill levels; beginner to advanced. Our spinning classes fill up quickly due to all of our marvelous instructors and the workouts they provide so make sure to reserve a bike.

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